fly labs

Earlier this year in May, Google launched the revamped Photos app along with unlimited cloud storage to backup photos and videos. The Photos received mostly positive reviews for its photos management and editing features. The app, however, missed support for editing videos. Google is now finally addressing this as it has acquired Fly Labs, the maker of popular video editing apps for iOS.

Fly Labs confirmed the acquisition and also mentioned that their team will now be a part of the Google Photos development team. The technology that Fly Labs uses in its iOS video editing apps will also be integrated into Google Photos app.

It is important to note that, even after Android flagships gained 4K video recording support a couple of years ago, there is no proper 4K video editing apps on the platform. iOS smartphones such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus recently got 4K support and Apple has already updated the iMovies app with support for 4K video editing.

As of now, Fly Labs has four apps for iOS – Tempo, Fly, Crop and Clips. Out of these apps, Clip is a full blown video editing tool with support for 4K videos. With the integration of Fly Labs technology in Google Photos, Android users may finally have the much needed full-fledged 4K video editing app.

While the company didn’t announce any financial details about the acquisition, Fly Labs apps will still be available on the Apple’s App Store. However, it won’t receive any more updates.

Post acquisition, David Lieb, product lead at Google Photos tweeted “video is uniquely powerful for reliving memories, esp when combined with the machine learning of Google Photos. Lots to come!”